Needed Items

We would not be able to stay open without donations of supplies, money, and time from our supportive neighbors, friends, and other generous folks in the community. Thank you for helping your homeless neighbors at The Haven!

You might consider doing a "Supply Drive" for The Haven, or starting your own personal fundraiser!

Due to storage concerns, we are not able to accept other clothing, coats or shoes.  Please take these donations to the Belmont Clothing Center, or Hinton Avenue Clothing Closet, where our guests are able to obtain clothing free of charge.

Donations of supplies can be dropped off directly at the Day Shelter at 112 West Market Street every day between 7:30am and 12 noon. If you have something to drop off after noon on weekdays, please use the annex/office building entrance and our staff will be happy to accept your gifts! When you get here, we ask that you take a minute to fill out a brief form to help us track donations, and to be able to issue you a tax receipt if you want one.

Got a question about items to donate? Contact or 434-973-1234 ext. 118

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WE DO NOT CURRENTLY NEED SOAP, Shampoo, Conditioner, or Lotion.

For the Day Shelter
Extras for our Guests
Men's and Women's underwear Portable phone chargers
SOCKS! backpacks
Razors and shaving cream Hairbrushes and combs
Washcloths Hair caps/do-rags/skull caps/scarves
Deodorant Wet wipes/baby wipes
Plain undershirts, men's and women's Ethnic hair care products (leave-in moisture products)
Dishcloths (for kitchen use) Belts
Adult Depends (men's and women's gift cards--stores, movie theaters, fast food

Copy Paper, stamps, masking tape, pens

Maxi Pads and Tampons (large, with applicator)

Individually-wrapped snacks--crackers, bars, tuna, etc.

Kitchen and Food Items: Contact David Slezak with inquiries.

We appreciate donations of coffee, sugar, and coffee mugs, and nuts (for our homemade granola!). We have limited storage in our kitchen. We are unable to accept opened boxed goods, and rarely use canned goods.

Got Furniture or other household items?

Due to limited storage capacity, we are only able to accept a limited supply of these types of items, and only if they are in very good condition. For furniture donations, contact our Housing2Home coordinator, Lindsey Leahy at 434-202-5277 ext. 3, or to see if any items you have are a match for one of our recently-housed clients.