So you and your family/friends/club/church want to volunteer together at The Haven...

0132.jpgThank you for wanting to help your homeless neighbors by serving at The Haven!

We understand, we REALLY do, how important it is to be able to interact with people from all walks of life so we can each grow in understanding, compassion, and knowledge as a person, a community, and society. And we know that it's often more comfortable, convenient, and meaningful for families, clubs, neighbors, and churches to volunteer in groups at specific times.

But The Haven operates 365 days a year, and offers all of our services every one of those days.

We rely on our AWESOME team of regular trained volunteers to do that. They show up for a shift or two every week throughout the year, and get to know a lot of our guests by name and build relationships with the community at The Haven.

The Haven also gets cleaned top to bottom most every day by our AWESOME facilities manager and his crew of volunteers, many of whom are working off community service hours.

All this is to say that it is difficult to accommodate a group wanting to prepare and serve a meal together, or do another activity with our guests while the shelter is open.  Breakfast is the only meal we serve at The Haven (except on Sundays, and a church group is in charge of that meal), and our roster of dedicated volunteers show up at 6:30 am to start preparing that every day.

So we only very occasionally need groups to help us with special projects. 

But we absolutely welcome your help! There are so many ways you and your group can get involved!

Become a regular volunteer. Start by signing up online and then attend one of our regular monthly volunteer orientations.

Start a fundraiser for The Haven--with your group, or on your own via Facebook, or a range of other options!

Do a supply drive with your group. Check our "needed items" page and choose the items your group would like to target. Kick off your drive with a special presentation and tour of The Haven!

Bring your group and have lunch at our weekly restaurant, The Haven Homecooking! Take a tour, get to know us and some of our guests, and see how you might like to get involved further!

Need we mention, we do need money! Become a donor. Every little bit helps. Committing to giving monthly is an easy thing to do as a family or group activity, with each member agreeing to set aside a small amount each month to assist their neighbors facing homelessness.

Children can do extra chores for family or neighbors, or set up fundraising projects, like 10-year old Jin did!