Haven Day Shelter

The Haven Day Shelter is a place for guests to receive shelter from the elements during the day, facilities to bathe and do laundry, and a place to receive mail, use computers, and store personal items in a welcoming space. It operates as the front door to services and resources to assist people facing homelessness, including housing programs.


Mondays through Saturdays: 7:30am - 12noon.  Breakfast daily at 7:30am.

Sundays 10:00am - 3:00pm. (Breakfast at 10:30am. Lunch available at 1:15)

Services: Breakfast, Computers, Showers, Laundry, Storage, Mailing address and Phone


Our Housing Program Team meets with clients

Monday to Friday 9-5 PM for guests by appointment only. 

Haven guests have the opportunity to access resources to address issues they may be facing in their lives, such as:

  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Substance Use disorders
  • Health Care
  • Basic Social Services and benefits eligibility counseling.
  • Getting a safe and stable place to live.