Local Child Raises Money and Serves Breakfast at The Haven

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- Good deeds come in all shapes and sizes, and the staff at The Haven day shelter say they recently benefited from a child's good deed.

"He's helping us get in touch with that authentic gesture that I think all of us have as humans." said Diana Boeke, The Haven's Community Engagement Director.

When life handed 11-year-old Jin Pickering lemons, he decided to make lemonade and donate all the proceeds to help the homeless population at the Haven.

On Sunday morning he served breakfast to about 50 homeless men and women. All paid for by the money he raised from his lemonade stand.

"Seeing people on the streets with signs gave me an idea for a fundraiser to help them," said Jin. "They're kind of like us, just without homes."

With his mom's help, Jin learned it costs the Haven an average of $137 to serve breakfast every morning. Jin set a goal to raise $137 and he nearly tripled that goal.

"For as long as I can remember, Jin has felt a deep concern for the situation of homelessness," said Kristin Morgan, Jin's mother. "When you're eleven and you feel strongly about something, it helps you feel empowered."

Jin says the biggest success wasn't the money, it was the smiles on the faces of over 40 thankful people.

"It feels good and it (the food) also looks good." said Jin.

The haven is always accepting donations and if you want to follow in Jin's footsteps click on the link along this story to donate.

To view the video of the news story, click here. Or, be like Jin and donate!