Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) places a priority on moving a family or individual experiencing homelessness into permanent housing as quickly as possible. While originally aimed primarily at people experiencing homelessness due to short-term financial crises, programs across the country have begun to assist individuals and families who are traditionally perceived as more difficult to serve, including people with limited or no income, survivors of domestic violence, and those with substance abuse issues. 

In order to qualify for Rapid Re-Housing, one must be literally homeless, that is, living on the street, in an emergency shelter, in a vehicle or another place not meant for habitation. Those residing in a hotel or living with family or friends do not qualify. As a limited resource, priority for RRH is placed on those with higher medical vulnerability and housing barriers.

If you believe that you or your client is eligible for Rapid Re-Housing, please complete or schedule a time to complete a Coordinated Access. If you have questions, please leave a message at (434) 973-1234 ext 113.