You can fundraise for The Haven!

Got family? Friends? Coworkers? Lucky you! Did you know you can start your very own personal fundraiser for The Haven?

If you have a special occasion coming up in your life, it's the perfect opportunity to help your homeless neighbors.

You can ask folks to give to your online fundraising page for:

Your birthday! Christmas! Diwali! Eid el-Fitr! Your wedding! Your Batmizvah or Barmitzvah! Your graduation! Your marathon! Your fitness goal! Your swim-a-thon! Your personal challenge! Or just because.

You can EASILY start a fundraiser for The Haven on Facebook. (To start your fundraiser there, click on the "raise money" box.)


Not on Facebook? Razoo is easy to use, too!

Or be creative and hold a bake sale...or open a lemonade stand...or just spread the word to family and friends that all you want is for them to give to their homeless neighbors by writing The Haven a check or clicking our donate button.

Thank you!