You can fundraise for The Haven!

Got family? Friends? Coworkers? Lucky you! Did you know you can start your very own personal fundraiser for The Haven?

If you have a special occasion coming up in your life, it's the perfect opportunity to help your homeless neighbors.

You can ask folks to give to your online fundraising page for:

Your birthday! Christmas! Diwali! Eid el-Fitr! Your wedding! Your Mitzvah! Your graduation! Your marathon! Your fitness goal! Your swim-a-thon! Your personal challenge! Or just because.

You can EASILY start a fundraiser for The Haven on Facebook. (To start your fundraiser there, click on the "create+" box.)


Not on Facebook? We're also registered on MightyCause, an independent fundraising platform that is easy to use, too!

Or be creative and hold a bake sale...or open a lemonade stand...or just spread the word to family and friends that all you want is for them to give to their homeless neighbors by writing The Haven a check or clicking our donate button.

Thank you!