The Haven is a multi-resource day shelter for people facing homelessness in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

We provide respite services for people who are homeless, or living in extreme poverty in our community, as well as supportive case management for guests who are eligible for programs to help get them back into stable housing.  

Being homeless is a state of transition for most of our guests. We provide respite for the weary and transformation for the ready.

OPEN Monday to Saturday 7:00 am-12 noon and Sundays 7:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Staff is available Monday to Friday 9-5 PM for appointments ONLY

112 West Market Street Charlottesville, VA 22902


Respite Services:

  • Healthy, hearty breakfasts every day of the year.
  • Storage bins, and a place to receive mail.
  • Shower and Laundry facilities.
  • Computers, and job and housing search assistance.
  • A safe, supportive, comfortable environment.
  • A convenient, central place to meet with support workers from several agencies and programs that connect homeless guests to the resources they need to find housing and stabilize their lives.

Housing Assistance:

The Haven understands that homelessness is a housing crisis, and the solution to homelessness is housing. We offer housing support and assistance under Housing First Programs.  Find out more on our services page. 


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Jun 09, 2017

Leading by Example

Most anyone who has come to the Day Shelter in the past four years has met Jesse, The Haven’s most faithful volunteer. Jesse is here five days a week, helping out at the Welcome Desk, and helping train new volunteers there. He’s been doing this since about the time he got sober. “Most people here know me from the old days. They know there...

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