Thank you for helping meet the physical needs of The Haven and our guests.


Needed items for the day shelter

  1. Socks

  2. Laundry detergent

  3. Underwear and undershirts (men’s and women’s)

  4. Razors

  5. Washcloths

  6. Deodorant

  7. Warm gloves

  8. Masking tape

  9. Large-size hand sanitizer

  10. Maxi pads and tampons

See The Haven’s Amazon wishlist for more items that we need.

We do NOT need other clothing items, coats, conditioner, lotion, soap, shampoo, or shoes.

Because of storage concerns, we cannot accept most clothing donations. Please take clothes to the Belmont Clothing Center or the Hinton Avenue Clothing Closet (operated by Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church), where our guests can obtain clothing for free.

Needed Extras For Our Guests

  1. Portable phone chargers

  2. Backpacks

  3. Long underwear—leggings and long-sleeved shirts (slightly used okay)

  4. Hair brushes and combs

  5. Hair scarves, bandannas, skull caps, sleep caps

  6. Wet wipes or baby wipes

  7. Natural/textured hair care products (for leave-in moisture)

  8. Belts

  9. Gift cards (stores, movie theaters, fast food, etc.)

  10. Snacks (individually wrapped, such as crackers, bars, tuna, etc.)

How do I drop off these needed items?

Bring needed items directly to The Haven’s day shelter (112 West Market St., Charlottesville) any day between 7:30 a.m. and 12 noon.
If you have something to drop off after noon on weekdays, please use the annex/office building entrance and our staff will be happy to accept your gifts. When you get here, we ask that you take a minute to fill out a brief form to track donations and be able to issue you a tax receipt if you want one.


Contact Diana Boeke at or (434) 973-1234 ext. 118.